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Perfect Haircuts
Our company is built on people, style and skill. Each one of our shops embodies the individuality of its staff and the neighborhood. You will find a consistent quality throughout each location, but with a unique aesthetic inspired by the diversity of the neighborhood and clientele.
When we opened, what we now know as “contemporary barber culture” didn’t exist, and our shop was created out of necessity. InPeabody in 2012, there were two options for haircuts: to make an appointment at a salon and pay $60 and up or to pay a visit to the closest barbershop charging an average of $12 for a limited range of haircut styles and uneven quality. We wanted to provide an elevated and relevant sense of style with our barbering service, with a convenient price point.
As part of our commitment to quality craftsmanship, all of our products are made in the USA and are paraben and sulfate free. Scented with 100% natural essentials oils extracted from herbs, trees, fruits, flowers and other plants that remind us of Northern California’s coastal Redwoods and Southern California’s citrus orchards.
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Pride in Each Service

regular Haircuts

The regular, clean-looking hairstyles can seem a little basic, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but who says you have to look boring?

hot towel Shave

The great thing about it is that once your pores are open, it paves the way for more of your hair follicles to be exposed. The end result when you receive a hot towel shave is that you’re able to receive a closer shave while reducing the possibility of razor burn.

haircut and shave

The first step in knowing how to get a haircut is knowing the right haircut names and different Men’s Haircut Definitions.


A fade is the style for you. Go for a blended hairstyle if you want to leave some length on the top, sides, and back. Most men’s haircuts involve some sort of taper, and if you want a clean, thick, classic cut, a taper is the way to go.


Maybe want to remove the uni-brow, but you don’t want to have a really sharp point and these angled edges. That’s not what we’re looking for and that takes me to point number four which is shaving.

Line up

If you’re after a super clean looking hairstyle, consider the line up haircut for your next ‘do. Also called a shape up or edge up, the style has gained popularity with black men, as it particularly suits African American hair types.
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Best Barber Experience
All haircuts begin with a proper consultation. This is to ensure we know exactly how you want your haircut to look. Satisfaction is what our goal is.
Regular Haircut
From $ 23
Hot Towel Shave
From $ 15

Haircute and Shave

From $ 35

From $ 25


From $ 5

Line Up

From $ 8

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Highly Qualified Barbers

Our hair, styling and shave formulas have been developed in accordance with our own barbers’ strict standards, to provide top-shelf products that evoke the experience of visiting one of our barbershops.


Mustache Expert


Beard Trimmer


Hair Specialist